Wednesday 15 August 2007

Ladybird books FIRST EDITION Identifier

Through my website I receive hundreds of email enquiries every month, a lot of which are people asking how they can determine if their Ladybird books are first editions or not.

When The Wee Web was in it's infancy I used to have the time to personally answer these individual enquiries, but with the amount of emails I receive these days it is no longer possible for me to do so.

So recently I decided to create a page on my website, that not only is a guide on how to date your editions, but also has an input box that allows you to enter the title of your Ladybird book which then returns the first edition issue points for that particular title. A very handy service for Ladybird collectors, booksellers etc . . . and long overdue.

To find out if your Ladybird book is a first edition or not please visit:

PLEASE NOTE - The first edition identifier is only for Ladybird books published between 1940 and 1980.

The first edition identifier is reasonably new to my website so not all information is available for every title - about 60% of all titles have been entered and I am continually working towards finishing it.


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